My Life in Four Year Terms

A Xennial coming of age story

1980: Reagan vs Carter

McGinty, Jo Craven, “Analysis of the Generations isn’t an Exact Science,” The Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2016

The voice of Ronald Reagan reverberates through the nodes and ventricles of my mother’s body like the voice of Darth Vader, causing me to somersault and burrow deeper into the womb.

Image Credit: HELVETIQ on Flickr

1984: Reagan v. Mondale

What four year-old could tell them apart?

1988: Dukakis v. H.W. Bush

1992: Clinton v. H.W. Bush.

Dad can relate to Bill, because Bill is a Boomer too, and protested the War in Vietnam. Mom can relate to Hillary because she has a job and her own opinions. I can relate to Chelsea because she has a cat and braces.

1996: Clinton v. Dole

At fifteen, I can recite the all the presidents forward and backward in, but for some reason I can’t get a date to the prom.

2000: Bush v. Gore

2004: Bush v. Kerry

The first Tuesday in November falls on the Day of the Dead

“Don’t worry teacher. The election was definitely rigged. Not all the gringos are that stupid.”

2008: Obama v. McCain

Precinct 6, Charlesetown, Boston, 2008

2012: Obama v. Romney

I attended the December, 2014 National March Against Police Violence with my colleagues from the Smart from the Start program

2016: Clinton vs. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

I am now 35 and living in my parents’ basement. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Apparently all the Millennials are doing it.

Prince Obama could not wake Snow White. It took a slimy, forced smooch from the Orange Ogre for Cinderella to breach the Castle of Complicity.

First annual Women’s March, Boston, 2017

2020: Biden vs He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

I confess I wanted to cancel Joe Biden many times

A finger wagging from Bernie Sanders at Keene State University, February 2020

Our better angels are here too. Screaming and jumping up and down on the new Pottery Barn sofa. Pulling our hair. Drawing on the walls with crayons. Anything to get us to look away from the screen and into the eyes of the Other

Chambers Park, Annapolis, Maryland, January 1st, 2021

Writer. Traveler. Yogini. Activist. Other.

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