5 No BS Health and Wellness Podcasts for 2020

I’ve been listening to podcasts since there was still such thing as an ipod. They’ve kept me entertained through the most mundane of adulting activities, like scrubbing toilets and waiting for the subway. But with so many podcasts out there, it can be hard to find what’s worth listening to. This is especially true when it comes to the health and wellness space, which is oversaturated with quick fixes and instagram gurus. Here are my top five picks for no-BS advice and inspiration.

  1. Harder to Kill Radio with Steph Guadreau. Guadreau, a former high school science teacher and weight-lifting coach, started out as a paleo lifestyle blogger. Since then, her ideas have evolved away from a strict paleo diet, a process she discusses honestly on her podcast. She also gets honest about the lack of representation and inclusivity in the wellness space and the harmful effects of diet culture. A prime example is her first broadcast of 2020, “Wellness’ing So Hard,” in which she rejects the self-judgement and ‘shoulds’ our culture inflicts upon us, especially at this time of year
  2. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris With a book and an app of the same name, ABC news anchor Dan Harris has established himself as the wise-ass ambassador of meditation to the intelligentsia. His sharp reporting skills allow him to cut through the New Age platitudes and engage in meaningful conversations about spiritual matters with guests like meditation teacher Jack Kornfield, psychotherapist Ester Perel and columnist Jay Michaelson. The free podcast also features guided meditations and Q&A with Harris and his guests.
  3. Real Talk with Dana: Nutrition, Health & Fitness with a healthy side of sarcasm Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Body Image Coach Dana Monsees is on a mission to show women that they don’t have to lose weight in order to feel valuable. Monsees offers uncensored advice on food and nutrition. She’s known to drop the F bomb when discussing dieting dogma, orthorexia, and processed “frankenfoods.” Recent episodes include:“Diet Culture Resilience and Eating Disorder Recovery,” and “Learning to trust your body without “fixing it.”
  4. Food Heaven You can tell that registered dietitian nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are best friends. Although they broadcast from opposite coasts, their chemistry is as easy and natural as if they were sitting together in the kitchen. Lopez and Jones break down confusing and often contradictory media messages about nutrition, such as whether soy is really good for you and “Is BMI BS?” (the title of episode 88) They also delve into issues that impact women of color, from black and brown skincare to racial bias in healthcare.
  5. Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto Don’t be scared off by the language around EMBODIMENT and Wild Soul Movement, this self-described “Stand up comedian for fun. Practical Mystic for life,” doesn’t take herself too seriously. DiAlto is no lightweight either. In her podcast she engages in nuanced conversations about a range of topics, including decentering whiteness in the wellness space, assumptions about healing and healers and what’s not useful about the Law of Attraction.

Writer. Traveler. Yogini. Activist. Other. http://www.annalairdbarto.com

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